End of Life and Coping with Loss

Author’s Note to Blog Readers: Since 2011, I have been writing a monthly blog on a variety of life skills topics that have been posted on my website, elainevoci.com. From that extensive list, I have selected blogs that relate to end of life issues, and coping with loss. I hope they bring you new insights, reassurance and hope.

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Facing Cancer

Life has a way of turning toward a path without warning. An email came one night last week and I learned that a friend’s husband has had a recurrence of lymphoma, a disease he thought he had seen the last of four years ago. He and his family have begun coping with...

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About Elaine

I love teaching and my personal mission has revolved around the roles of teacher, writer and coach. I first worked as a therapist in alcohol/drug abuse counseling where I learned the meaning of holistic health – we cannot seperate the physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of an illness if we are to help create the conditions for getting well and recovering.

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