Books by Elaine

Hearts On Our Sleeves: A Journal

This journal is written for women in the second half of life; it is not meant to help you grow old gracefully, but to encourage you not to be afraid of getting older. There are 50 quotes on 50 pages of unlined paper. The blank writing spaces are to encourage you to fill them with whatever images you might enjoy sketching, or with written entries. The quotes are diverse and reflect topics that have often come up in coaching sessions, and many reflect my own life experiences.

It’s called “Hearts on our Sleeves” because that is the invitation we receive when we reach the second half of life – to wear our hearts openly to mentor the younger generation, to give generously of our time, talents and treasure to help our communities, and to leave a legacy of love by the time we depart this earth.

The Journal is a traveling companion on the highway of life after 55. Being older is no time to hunker down, unless physical limitations demand it. Being older is simply another word for taking bigger risks in the service of something greater than yourself. It is a privilege not given to everyone; but you’ve come this far and that puts you in the lucky club. Here’s to you and your heartfelt adventures!

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Soul Sketches: How to Craft Meaningful and Authentic Eulogies

This e-book is written for writers of eulogies and for those who choose to answer the question, after someone they loved and admired has died, “What does this life teach me about how I wish to live the rest of my days?” Eulogies are essentially hopeful rituals that make grief more bearable. Because eulogies are about the deceased, but for the living, they can help us prepare to live more intentionally, with an appreciation of life and with respect for the Great Mystery of death and beyond. As eulogies draw us into a sense of community at a time when we may feel alone, and when all we have left are our memories to bring us comfort, they add to those memories and help our healing begin.

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Bridge Builders: Ordinary Women Doing Extraordinary Things

Life journeys, lessons and inspiration gathered from the words of 12 heroic, humorous, and uplifting women. These true stories of women who have had life-changing experiences are wonderful portrayals of the heart, mind, and soul of faith and will help you come to appreciate these aspects of yourself.

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Creating the Work You Love: A Guide to Finding Your Right Livelihood

This e-book provides answers, facts, inspirational essays, and – most importantly – an opportunity for you to explore your heart’s true desires. The author brings superb writing skills, and a fascinating work history of 30 years in which she changed careers more than six times, including one that involved moving to Japan. She has successfully practiced what she is going to teach you about reinventing yourself.

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