Comments about Elaine’s Life and Career coaching…
“This newsletter essay is so beautifully written. My heart deeply connected to what you describe many of us are experiencing right now. I didn’t quite understand why I felt so unsettled until I read this article. Thank you for helping me gain perspective.”

“Thank you so much for the beautiful note, and your kind words that you sent. I felt and feel so much better after our conversation. Your careful, measured guidance, your coloring book, and your wisdom in navigating tough, or at least uncharted, waters was so gentle and reassuring—and helpful. I just sat for awhile after you left, savoring the sun and conversation, then writing about it and some thoughts that occurred after you left. You have such a gift Elaine, and one born out of a deep empathy for other people and life’s vicissitudes. That is palpable…thank you.”

“I attended Elaine Voci’s ‘Spirituality & Aging:  Five Spiritual Practices for Creating a Happy Second Half of Life’ workshop in 2013. Elaine has a unique gift for gently guiding and inspiring you to examine your own heart and mind to get clarity on your life direction. There were women in the workshop that were going through a variety of changes in their lives including divorce, job changes, loss of a spouse, or in my case, envisioning what my future would look like after I retired. As a result of the exercises that Elaine guided us through, I examined my passions for cooking, helping others and nutrition and decided to focus on becoming a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. I now have a private health coaching practice partnering with private clients and groups and serving my community by offering public and private workshops. I never would have ever stumbled upon this track in life if I hadn’t attended Elaine’s life changing workshop.”

“As a career changer who has had her own business for 25 years, I was at a loss as to how to proceed with an employment search. Elaine has steered me in many directions I would not have thought of on my own and helped me in developing a resume and cover letter. She is a very creative, sincere, positive, and caring individual. Her enthusiasm is contagious.”

“I can’t thank you enough for helping me find a new contentment with my life. You have done an amazing job helping to reshape a stressed, defeated, unconfident, unemployed and unhappy version of myself into someone who now feels they have the skills and confidence required to complete the journey.  Your kindness and gentle hand of reassurance on my shoulder have pointed me towards a happier place.  I’ve never really known that kind of unconditional support.”

“As a speaker, or group facilitator, Elaine has a special gift that allows her to connect with every individual making them feel like they have been heard. Her welcoming and safe presence encourages people to open up and share. I’ve witnessed it from entry level to C-Level. For authenticity, for honesty, for results, I highly recommend Elaine to any group.”

“Elaine has a gift…to see through and identify her clients’ personal walls and roadblocks to success. She then guides them along a path that enables them to move toward becoming the productive, effective business professionals they envision! Expect to look at life differently!”

“Elaine has the amazing ability that few do, of having an immediate calming influence over anyone she’s with. She is also incredibly wise, able to easily discern what areas should be focal points to concentrate on and is very good at connecting like-minded individuals. She is a cheerleader, therapist, editor, writer and many other things all in one.”

“Elaine is one of those amazing individuals who come into our lives for once but then, during each subsequent encounter, are able to teach us to grow and excel in all aspects of our lives. She is a spiritual individual who imparts wisdom and light in a most endearing way. She is also an author who has documented examples of women who have ‘eliminated barriers’ to attain amazing results. Working with Elaine has helped me achieve many of my goals. Her approach is highly individualized. This and many other attributes clearly differentiate Elaine from others in her field. Thank you Elaine! These are simple words but they are from my heart…you’re a prism that takes in light and reflects back many untapped facets of that same light.  Consult with Elaine and watch your universe improve! “

“I can’t thank Elaine enough. I had a hard time finding what I wanted to do next in life and felt I was starting to waste my time. She helped me to get clear on what I didn’t want – no more cubicles for me! and gave me permission to have a blended lifestyle. That means I don’t have to give something up in order to try new things. With my new food business about to launch I have never felt happier. Food is such a great connector of people across cultures and I love making it and sharing it with others. I feel SO alive. Thank you Elaine for all your support, connections and direction. I only wish we had met 3 years ago. If you’re not completely happy with your work/life balance, go see Elaine, the possibilities are endless – and you’ll be very glad that you did! “

“After working with Elaine for the past several months, I would highly recommend her as a career coach. She helped me through a challenging work experience, offering wise counsel and assisting me in making a decision that was best for me and my family. Tapping in to a variety of credible resources and the latest information on the job market, she helped me define a new career path, as well as develop a new resume and cover letters. Elaine is incredibly supportive and has a gift for telling you what you need to hear just when you need it the most. She is a highly skilled and compassionate professional. I appreciate her empathy, responsiveness and most of all, the amount of dedicated time and energy she devotes to her clients. “

“Elaine has the unique ability to help you see your own potential. She can be honest and direct when providing feedback in a way that helps you see where you need to grow. She is also a great “connector” — connecting people to resources or other people. I would highly recommend Elaine as coach, counselor or mentor!”

“In life, we may be lucky to come in contact with a few people who really impact the way we see things. Elaine is one of those rare individuals who, through listening and guidance, can do just that. I had never used the services of a life skills coach before meeting Elaine, but in the course of a career transition she became instrumental in helping me see the landscape of my situation in new and exciting ways. “

Comments about Elaine’s Services as a Wedding, Funeral, and Special Events Celebrant

“We had so many people tell us that the whole Celebration of Life just ‘felt like’ my mom. And you were a big part of that and did such a wonderful job. It was exactly what we all needed it to be. My dad told me the next day that, for the first time since she died, he felt a little lighter. I have no doubt my mom played a part in bringing you to us…thank you for everything, Elaine. You helped us all more than you know.”

“Thank you for all you did to make my retirement ceremony so very special.  I loved it and lots of attendees have said how much they enjoyed it, too.  Several asked for the Wise Woman story. The poems, the stories, your remarks and your presence meant a great deal to me..thank you so much!”

“Chris and I do not have enough words to express our gratitude for you and all of your effort in making our special day so incredible.  It was made more memorable and enjoyable as we were able to share it with you.  We love the beautiful keepsake of the wedding ceremony that you provided, and will cherish it for all the years to come.  We will definitely keep in touch with you. ”

“Thank you, Elaine, for your sweet, generous, loving and spiritual support.  You have made a huge difference in my life.  I deeply appreciate your calm, thoughtful and steady presence; your ceremony of leave taking for me was the perfect send off for the year I spent working with you, and getting my plans in place.  You have been a loving anchor during turbulent times. ”

“Thank you for making our wedding day in the Paramount Theatre so special.  It was just perfect and there were more than a few moist eyes in the audience when you told our love story.  We wanted each person there to feel that they learned something they didn’t know about us, and you made that happen so beautifully and gracefully.  We loved it!  Thank you for spending all the time you did with us to shape our ceremony so that it was just the way we wanted it.  We appreciate the keepsake ceremony, too, and will treasure it.”

“Elaine, it is hard to put into words what a wonderful job you did talking about my father’s life at his funeral last week.  It was so moving.  My family and I are deeply grateful for your kindness, your calmness and your helpfulness in creating a funeral that did his life justice.  You told the most perfect stories and created a sense of closeness for all of us who gathered to honor his life. My heart is sad, and we miss him terribly but your beautiful service helped us us express our love for the legacy of my father’s life.  I can’t thank you enough for your caring and gentle support.”

“Thank you, Elaine, for marrying us two weeks ago; we didn’t give you much notice, and we were late starting the services, but your words and your ceremony were so right for us.  Working with a translator is not always easy, but you made it look easy.  We appreciated your patience, and your willingness to come up to Monticello to the State Park for our special day.  Thank you, gracias!”

“Thank you for the beautiful service that you wrote for our Dad.  You did such a remarkable job at his funeral.  You made it special and memorable.  I appreciate all the time and care that you put into it and I will always remember your kindness.  We have lost someone very special and I thank you for sharing our grief.”

“When I saw your face in the ad in Natural Awakenings, I could hardly believe my eyes.  There you were after all these years, my friend and former co-worker.  I knew I wanted you to be our Celebrant and marry Tony and I in front of our friends and family.  We enjoyed our meetings with you and being able to approve the ceremony before it actually happened.  You were so organized, so calm and such a good listener.  We both cried a few tears when you told our love story and it was just a beautiful wedding; thank you so much.  Everyone complemented us at the reception on our special day, and how much they enjoyed it.  We loved it, too!”