Comments about Elaine’s Life Coaching

“This newsletter essay is so beautifully written. My heart deeply connected to what you describe many of us are experiencing right now. I didn’t quite understand why I felt so unsettled until I read this article. Thank you for helping me gain perspective.”

“Thank you so much for your kind words. I felt and feel so much better after our conversation. Your careful, measured guidance, your coloring book and your wisdom in navigating tough, or at least uncharted, waters was so gentle and reassuring – and helpful. You have such a gift, Elaine, and one born out of a deep empathy for other people and life’s vicissitudes. That is palpable…thank you.”

“Elaine has a gift…to see through and identify her clients’ personal walls and roadblocks to success. She then guides them along a path that enables them to move toward becoming the productive, effective business professionals they envision! Expect to look at life differently!”

Comments about Elaine’s Services as a Celebrant

“We had so many people tell us that the whole Celebration of Life just “felt like” my mom. You were a big part of that and did such a wonderful job. It was exactly what we all needed it to be. My dad told me the next day that, for the first time since she died, he felt a little lighter. I have no doubt my mom played a part in bringing you to us …thank you for everything, Elaine. You helped us more than you know.”

“Chris and I do not have enough words to express our gratitude for you and all of your effort in making our special day so incredible. It was made more memorable and enjoyable as we were able to share it with you as our Celebrant. We love the beautiful keepsake of the wedding ceremony that you provided to us, and will cherish it for all the years to come. Thank you!”

“Thank you, Elaine, for your sweet, generous, loving and spiritual support. You have made a huge difference in my life. I deeply appreciate your calm, thoughtful, and steady presence; your ceremony of leave taking for me was the perfect send off for the year I spent working with you, and getting my plans in place. You have been a loving anchor during turbulent times.”