Contact Info and Fees

Curiosity is a gift – contact me to inquire about individual life or career coaching, celebrant services , workshops and public speaking engagements.

Elaine Voci, Ph.D.

Telephone: 317-730-5481




Life and Career Coaching

Life coaching is an investment you make in your future so that you can close the gap between where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow; I am honored to be chosen to walk with you along that journey. My fees are based on $100 per hour.  Sessions are held face to face, by phone and by Skype if distance is an issue.

Celebrant Services

Certified Life-Cycle® Celebrant Ceremonies are very affordable! As your Celebrant, I invest many hours of time, effort, energy, and heart into creating the ceremony you desire.  For instance, a Celebrant Wedding incorporates several face to face meetings, phone conversations and emails, and written drafts of the ceremony that lead up to a final draft that is approved by the couple.  Unlike ministers who are already busy with church duties and can hardly afford to take the time to meet once or twice, I am free to concentrate on you and your partner’s wishes, ideas, and desired service.  I can take the necessary time to get it just right for your special day.

Fees reflect time spent on consultation, writing, research, preparation of ritual elements and travel. My fees are based on $100 per hour, and typically range from $250 to $500 per event.

All fees are defined during our initial consultation prior to signing an agreement.

Speaking Engagements

I have been engaged in public speaking since my early career as an alcohol and drug abuse counselor right up to the present time of my private practice. I have spoken to audiences as small as 2-4 people on a team up to 2,000 new employees on their first day of training. Topics reflect my experience and expertise in various human endeavors, ranging from e-learning to stress management to mindful caregiving.

Of late, I have been speaking on these topics:

  • Death and Dying
  • Successfully Managing Life Transitions
  • Begin with the End in Mind: Mindful Caregiving
  • Poetry for Life: Positioning Yourself for Meaningful Change
  • Conscious Aging
  • Resilience Art:  How Music and Art Can Help You Heal A Grieving Heart

My fees are influenced by the length of the presentation requested, the audience size and venue and budgetary constraints of the requesting organization. A reasonable fee for a one hour presentation ranges from $80- $100, while a keynote address is typically $500. Travel fees are negotiable; most of the time I absorb those costs rather than add them to the speaking fee but circumstances can alter arrangements; ie if there is a plane trip involved in reaching the destination of the event.