Elaine Voci Life Coaching

The Healing Process Begins With You

Helping people through life transitions, in a journey of the spirit, toward healing and inner peace while living an authentic life.

Life Coaching

Hearts On Our Sleeves life coaching is for women in the second half of life. It is dedicated to helping women become clear and more confident about choosing how they wish to live in the years ahead, and to discover what gives them their creative and generative fire.
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Contemplative Services

Mini-retreats that are half-day, and full retreats are offered that kindle courage, quiet the senses, while refreshing the body and spirit. Contemplative meditation circles, and wisdom circles offer sacred space in which to focus on the beauty and power of silence that reveals hope, inspiration, and creative fire.
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Celebrant Ceremonies

Highly personalized weddings, funerals, baby blessings, and other ceremonies are performed to mark significant life transitions for those who are unaffiliated with a faith tradition, or church community. Ceremonies bring joy, meaning, and purpose as thresholds are crossed, moving from one stage of life to another with gentle guidance and creativity.
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Dr Elaine Voci

About Elaine Voci, Ph.D.

What humbles me most as a spirituality-based life coach is the opportunity to help others see all life experience as working materials from which to find meaning, value, and purpose in striving toward personal healing and transformation.

There are deep needs in the human spirit that are universal; to be a part of something greater than ourselves; the pursuit of work that is meaningful; and to love and be loved, among them. It is a privilege to assist others, through contemplative listening and coaching, as they strive to fulfill these needs.