The Healing Process Begins With You

Holistic health includes the physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions. Start a journey of the spirit toward joy. Live an authentic life with a clear sense of purpose.

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New online school, Elaine Voci Navigating Life’s Transitions, has launched and is open for enrollment.

Death Cafés

Our society doesn’t make it easy for people to talk about death and that is what a Death Café does.  It makes time for us to talk and think about death in a safe, comfortable setting.  Each gathering inspires thought and action and helps make death a more common and ordinary topic of conversation.

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Celebrant Services

Looking to make a loving and meaningful tribute to a loved one? Not sure how to realize your vision for a remarkable experience? I find delight in assisting individuals and families in the greater Indianapolis area with personalized and unique ceremonies that mark life’s important milestones.

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We can talk about many things,including but not limited to: eliminating blocks and fears, balancing work and personal life, living a purposeful life, grief and bereavement issues.  More about FAQs

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Dr Elaine Voci

About Elaine Voci

What I love most about life coaching is the opportunity to help others see their own beauty and to assist in their personal healing and transformation – whether that means going through the grief process, finding the courage to reinvent themselves, or integrating a personal life transition.

It is a privilege to assist others in a journey of the spirit that they intentionally choose to travel, one that will move them toward more joy, living an authentic life with a clear sense of purpose.

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