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Book Cover Voices of the 21st CenturyVoices of the 21st Century: Bold, Brave, and Brilliant Women Who Make a Difference is for women seeking education, guidance, and inspiration from 50 women contributors who share their important life lessons and timely messages to encourage and empower other women.

My chapter is titled “Your Life Can Light the Way” and it is a loving tribute to my Italian immigrant grandparents who profoundly influenced my core values to care for others with kindness and compassion, and shaped my work as a life coach, a writer, and a Life-Cycle Celebrant®. I believe we can all be an intentional light for others and our lives can be a shining beacon of encouragement and inspiration.

Life Coaching for Women Aged 55+

The Healing Process Begins With You

In defiance of a culture that says when you reach a certain age, you can’t be included anymore, I offer life coaching that focuses on women 55+ in which we treat ourselves and one another as persons whose life experiences are valued, honored, and respected.

I call it “Hearts On Our Sleeves” life coaching, because it represents a time of life when we consciously decide what really matters to us and then intentionally choose our pursuits. I offer related special events during the year, for our shared learning, about how to craft a fulfilling life as we approach aging, retirement, and changing priorities.

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Elaine Voci Life Skills Coaching Newsletters provide inspiration, blog posts about everyday life, photos, sometimes travel logs, and announcements about upcoming presentations on topics such as the latest series of Conscious Aging classes I am facilitating, and where I will be showing the film, Voices of Grief. It’s a fun way to stay in touch with my readers, and they often inspire me to create new programs for the community which I think is cool, thank you!


Elaine writes nonfiction books; she is especially drawn to the stories of everyday heroes, people who approach life’s challenges with a positive outlook, and who are committed to leaving a legacy of love. Her books are written from the perspective of a life coach, someone trained to listen, support, encourage, and inspire others. Two of her books related to grief are meant to be companions: Resilience Art, the grief coloring book, and The Five Most Harmful Myths About Grief make a nice gift for yourself or for someone else who is grieving.

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Celebrant Services

Looking to make a loving and meaningful tribute to a loved one? Not sure how to realize your vision for a remarkable experience? I find delight in assisting individuals and families in the greater Indianapolis area with personalized and unique ceremonies that mark life’s important milestones.

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After having spent a number of years creating, and delivering workshops on a wide range of topics related to personal and professional growth, Elaine can often be found at a podium, or in front of a room full of people giving a presentation. She can be counted on to deliver a thought-provoking message, one that will make you think about things in a different light.

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Dr Elaine Voci

About Elaine Voci

What I love most about life coaching is the opportunity to help others see their own beauty and to assist in their personal healing and transformation – whether that means going through the grief process, finding the courage to reinvent themselves, or integrating a personal life transition.

It is a privilege to assist others in a journey of the spirit that they intentionally choose to travel, one that will move them toward more joy, living an authentic life with a clear sense of purpose.

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