What’s Your Life Purpose?

The best career guidance I can give you if you feel your work lacks zest and meaning is to take the time to really get to know yourself and uncover your life purpose.  Feeling restless at work - what I call “divine discontent” - is an internal  signal telling you to...

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Change Your Career and Go From Stress to Bliss

We work for more than money; work lets us cultivate our talents and interests, enables us to prosper, and contributes to our success in life.   Work provides us with relationships that encourage our achievements which, in turn, stimulate good mental health.   But what...

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Ten Books that Shaped My Career

We often think of teachers as the kind that come with bodies and are found standing at the front of college classrooms.  But teachers can also take the form of written words printed on the pages of a book.  Some of my most important teachers have been this kind. ...

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About Elaine

I love teaching and my personal mission has revolved around the roles of teacher, writer and coach. I first worked as a therapist in alcohol/drug abuse counseling where I learned the meaning of holistic health – we cannot seperate the physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of an illness if we are to help create the conditions for getting well and recovering.

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