Growing Older Gracefully

The word “graceful” means “characterized by beauty of form, manner, movement, or speech.”  Those who age gracefully share an attitude and behaviors that are admirable, pleasing, and elegant to themselves and others.  Here are three traits they have in common: A spirit...

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To Be or Not To Be: A Flip of the Coin

A friend called last week and expressed frustration about a key career decision she has been weighing for months.  The question was this: Should she invest the time and money it takes to formally study to become an ordained minister, or not? Obviously, there were pros...

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How to Create Graceful Transitions

A client recently wrote eloquently to me about a mindful transition she had made with a calm heart, a clear mind and some suggestions from me about the ceremonial aspects.  The transition centered on getting rid of an old sofa and replacing it with a new, smaller...

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Aging is Not A Disease

My grandmothers could not speak much English and most of their conversations were in Italian, their native language.  Growing up with grandparents for whom English was a second language was not something I dwelled on; it was simply the way things were.  If I noticed...

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For the Love of A Dog

“If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.”   Will Rogers   Last weekend my husband and I ended our search for adopting an older rescued dog who would like to sit on our laps, play, and enjoy life with us.  We found the small dog we...

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Guarding the Temple of Your Precious Time

At some point during a job search, every job seeker has to devote time to getting to know themselves again and to allow enough time for self-revelation to happen. Guilt can be a real opponent along with feelings of embarrassment.  While it seems everyone else is...

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If You Never Choose to Do What You Are Meant to Do

You want a life you will love.  One where you get up in the morning and are eager to start all over again.   Is that how you feel these days?  Or does that sound like an impossible dream?  If you aren’t waking up excited about the day ahead, you are lacking a goal...

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When Life Hands You Lemons

A life coach gets to learn about a lot of circumstances and stories that affect people’s lives. When the life coach is also a writer and an admirer of the everyday heroes around us, like me, then the stories are a continual source of inspiration.

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Give Sorrow Words

Rituals give meaning to the painful and precious opportunities we are given to express and move through grief after we’ve lost a loved one.  Many such opportunities may be missed because of our upset, confusion and sense of being adrift that so often accompany...

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