Find What Brings You Joy and Go There

“The voice of the sea speaks to the soul.”   Kate Chopin The title of this blog is the same as the title of a small journal I kept while on vacation last week. I love that advice and was drawn to the journal because it features words about being by the sea, such as...

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Learning to Ride a Bike and Drive a Car

In my neighborhood, one family is teaching their 5 year old daughter to ride a bike, and my next door neighbors are teaching their 17 year old son to drive. Watching these rites of passage play out, I am touched by the devotion that both sets of parents are...

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Prayer for Musicians

We all feel a strong connection to music, but have you considered that music and sound are the world’s oldest medicines? Ancient healers used music to cure illness and help people regain spiritual balance.  Music continues to play a key role in healing -   let’s look...

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There is a change in the quality of light and sound as March opens;  the month of April grows closer.  My morning walk in the park today with Winky, my little dog, revealed an amazing display of natural resilience.  The tree branches have buds on them – just this...

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We Were Made for These Times!

For the first time in the 6 year history of my blog, I am reprinting a post written by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, forwarded to me by a frienx who described it as an “…extraordinary call of the heart…not only is it worth reading, it’s worth reading aloud – so you hear it...

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The Gift of Self-Compassion

One of the ways we can help ensure ourselves of a happy old age is build self-compassion. In people who have learned self-compassion, studies have shown them to have less anxiety and depression, increased psychological strengths and positive emotions, a greater ability to forgive, and an increased ability to navigate difficult life events. Since our lives consist of successes and failures, self-compassion gives us a “soft place” to land each time we fall. It puts our mistakes and failures in perspective.

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What are Noetic Sciences and Why Do They Matter?

In 1971 a U.S. Navy captain and aeronautical engineer named Edgar Mitchell was on a mission to the moon, called Apollo 14, with a team of fellow astronauts. America’s space program was a technological victory of historic significance and many new discoveries in space...

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