One of the best parts of being a celebrant is the variety of people I work with across a wide range of special ceremonies, rites, and rituals. Here’s a small sample of the milestones I have helped people honor in the past two years:

• Officiated at four weddings in different locations around Indiana – an outdoor pavilion at a simple state park, a stately country club, the gorgeous Palladium in Carmel, and the iconic vintage Paramount in Anderson
• Facilitated a new home site blessing for a married couple that incorporated their mutual goals, hopes and shared vision for the future
• Led a retirement celebration party for a woman who had been a leader in her industry and in the community for more than 30 years, giving her a chance to be honored as well as allowing her to express gratitude for those who had supported and helped her succeed in leaving a legacy of pride, love and compassion
• Created a sweet and tender memorial service for a beloved pet who had died and been a member of his human family for 14 years
• Conducted a farewell gathering for a woman, moving to the West Coast after living in her Indianapolis neighborhood for 25 years, so that she could recognize 12 of her closest women friends that she was leaving behind
• Facilitated a ceremony of closure for a client who had spent a year in coaching to successfully navigate a significant life transition in which the lessons learned were each recognized and embraced as important milestones in her personal growth

Being a celebrant at each of these different events followed the same process:
1. Meeting to talk over the design of the events as well as the goals and vision for how it would look and feel
2. Creating a first draft incorporating the elements chosen by the person being celebrated that would make it individualized and personally meaningful
3. Attending to the details of the event with suggestions to enhance the process by adding certain touches, artifacts, poems, and music
4. After approval of the final draft, delivering the ceremony at the venue, date and time agreed upon; typically my clients receive a “keepsake” copy of the written ceremony for future reflection and remembrance of the event

My “slogan” as a celebrant sums up the way I choose to work with clients: “Your voice, Your Choice, Your Ceremony.” This lets people know that if they choose to work with me, I will make sure that their ceremony will be a reflection of their own voice, their distinct preferences and their personalized vision. I am there to listen, to craft, and to facilitate their event so that it meets their vision, their style and their expectations.

I love my work and the many beautiful poems, and blessings that are included in ceremonies. Here is a new home blessing written by John O’Donohue in his wonderful book,To Bless the Space Between Us…

May this house shelter your life.
When you come in home here,
May all the weight of the world
Fall from your shoulders.

May your heart be tranquil here,
Blessed by peace the world cannot give.

May this home be a lucky place,
Where the graces your life desires
Always find the pathway to your door….

May you have the eyes to see
That no visitor arrives without a gift
And no guest leaves without a blessing.