This blog
post is late; I usually write and publish my blog once a month on or before the
first day of the month.  But for the past
two weeks I have been in Florida on a relaxing and enjoyable vacation break
away from the snow, the sleet, the freezing rain and the bitter temperatures
that have prevailed in the Midwest for way too many weeks.  So, while I am truly sorry I couldn’t get
this written “on time”, I want to share a few highlights that I hope will make the wait worthwhile.

The beach
was just a block away from where we were staying and so each morning, about
7:30 am, I headed out for a relaxing walk along the shore.  The first thing I noticed was how many other souls
were out there walking, doing yoga, tai chi, looking for shells, running, and
sipping beverages in those familiar Starbucks containers.  It appears that we have become committed to maintaining
good health judging by the groups I saw. 
I know being healthy was one of my reasons for getting up early and
enjoying a 30-45 minute walk each morning; it felt great to breathe in the sea air,
to feel the sun on my face, and the sand against the soles of my feet.  Having read the book, Earthing, a few years ago, I know that putting our bare feet on the
earth, including on its sandy beaches, is really beneficial for increasing our
energy and sense of well being. 

A beach
holds many stories, I also discovered, and the writer in me was intrigued as I
was presented with some interesting story fragments. 
On my first day, I saw a giant heart drawn in the sand with the letter
“W” in the middle of it.  Who, or what,
did the “W” represent? It certainly looked like it was given a place of honor,
so perhaps it was for a loved one who is deceased, or one who is alive and a
favorite of the artist?

On another
day, I saw (and photographed for my 8 year old granddaughter) a sand “throne”
with its back to the ocean and in it was placed a Barbie mermaid!  Did someone create this work of Queenly art
and leave it out there all night? Was it made for a beloved grandchild and then
– ooops- left behind when the family departed the beach?  Why was it created with its back to the sea
rather than facing it? So many fascinating questions to ponder as I walked past.

I noticed
how comfortable and unflappable the many sea birds that occupy the beach have
become around human beings.  The birds gather
in large groups, preening and squawking, and take it in stride when human
beings walk right into the midst of them. 
A few gave looks of mild irritation and ruffled their feathers with a
haughty air, but most of them barely noticed the people.  Birds living on beaches can accommodate to
their human companions quite well it seems, and humans, in return, enjoy seeing
the birds’ activities up-close.

The vista of
a straight line drawn where the horizon meets the sea appeared perfect, as if
created by a Divine Architect using a Divine Ruler.  Especially on those early mornings when the
sea and the sky were colored in sharp contrast to one another, your eye just naturally
goes there and hangs on that visual line, mesmerized.

I drew words
in the sand – I call them ‘sand prayers’ – 
for some of my clients to affirm their requests for new jobs that will
be perfect for them and serve the Greatest Good.  I drew some sand prayers for myself, too, and
it was not only comforting, but it felt sacred to speak to the Universe through the sea and know
that it was listening.  The power and the
might of the sea are unmistakably moving and inspiring; on an energetic level I
could feel it in my own core and it felt like ancient energy rising in the undulating tide.

How about
you? Any unforgettable memories in your life story that relate to being by the sea?  If you feel moved to do so, drop me an email
on my blog site, or send it via my web mail (

So, I am
back in Indy now, and I encourage you to enjoy the month of March – spring will
soon be here with its warm air, blue skies and sunny days.  We can trust the process of the familiar patterns of the seasons changing and be present fully to each day that we have before us for each is a gift.