Voci means “voice” in Italian, and one of the most enjoyable ways I have used my voice throughout my career is facilitating workshops. From my first career as a therapist, to my present work as a life coach and Life-Cycle Celebrant, I have created and led hundreds of workshops related to personal growth, managing life transitions, and transformation.

I have delivered workshops at Harmony Farm in Dayton, Ohio, at OASIS Indy locations around the city, and at national conferences. Two of the more exotic places I have held workshops were in Sedona, Arizona, at a wellness center in the desert, and in Athens, Greece, in a learning center overlooking the blue-green waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

I am always developing new workshops based on my clients’ needs. In 2019 these include:

  • Conscious Aging: An eight-part series of 90-minute workshops each developed by IONS (Institute of Noetic Sciences) in which I have been trained as a facilitator. I offer classes through OASIS Indy, a local adult education program for people 55+. The curriculum was created to help inspire a new vision of aging that is free of self-limiting beliefs, stereotypes, and unexamined assumptions of aging.
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  • A two-part combination book study of Women Rowing North, the best seller by Mary Pipher, and a mini retreat titled, “Navigating Your River of Life.” These gatherings focus directly on women who are 55+ and they offer time for reflection and group conversation about our choices through compassion, intention, and mindfulness to discover what brings heart and meaning to our lives.
  • Resilience Art: An uplifting workshop based on my grief coloring book of the same title, published in 2018, which shows attendees how to use the book to self-nurture, and to help honor the pain of their grief and transform it into healing with creative rituals and music especially chosen for the event. Available to anyone grieving the loss of a loved one, family caregivers, activity directors of assisted living centers, and students studying social work and psychology.
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What To Expect In My Workshops

The setting will be comfortable. There will be tasty refreshments; there will be a balance between activities that focus on inner work done alone, and work done during large group discussion. There will be beauty in the room with fresh flowers, candles, angel figurines, and music designed to create a supportive and peaceful ambience. Sometimes I invite local musicians to provide live music, such as harpists, violinists, guitarists, and pianists. Participants will depart from workshops with increased clarity about their life goals, a sense of community, and greater self-confidence in making decisions they face.