“Grief should be respected and honored as a sacred journey that goes at its own pace, and is as individual as your fingerprints.”

– Elaine Voci, Ph.D., Founder, Navigating Life’s Transitions

How Can My Grief Courses Help You?

Whether you are newly bereaved, or you have been living with the loss of a loved one for some time, you will find practical and inspiring resources for managing your grief journey; clarity about what’s true and not true about grief; and affirmations for making informed, intentional choices to live with greater compassion for yourself.
You can expect to become more comfortable with impermanence, so that the loss of loved ones doesn’t permanently rob you of joy or contentment, but deepens compassion for your own suffering and for the universal human suffering that is part of life. You will learn about the perennial healing properties of art, music, and ritual that have helped humankind through the ages.
Discover an increased potential for personal transformation, one of the very real gifts of grief. You may already recognize that grief has changed you forever – the old you is no longer present or retrievable. These courses will support you in letting go of that old identity and surrendering to the evolution of a new version of yourself with a wisdom that is borne of pain.

Featured Courses

How To Integrate Your Grief, Build Emotional Resilience, and Heal Your Life

This course will help you feel better gradually, as you work through the readings and resources, and apply the suggested actions to your daily routine.

The Surprising Side of Life After Loss – Mini Course

If you want a refreshingly positive perspective on life after loss, and to learn how to build your innate resilience, then this mini course is for you.

It is my intention that these courses will help you
manage your grief, no matter where you’re starting from.

As a life coach, a Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant® trained in funerals, and a writer, I have always been fascinated by how human beings react to life’s challenges. Among all the challenges we face, grief and loss are universal experiences that all human beings will go through.

As a fellow human being who has experienced my share of losses, including the death of my parents, and a spouse, as well as a bout of cancer and a near fatal auto accident, I have coped with grief throughout my life. Each loss brought me the opportunity to develop emotional and spiritual resilience.

With a career that spans 30 years, I offer a unique blend of education, storytelling, ceremonial skills, and extensive experience in group facilitation, coaching, writing, and public speaking.

My goal is to share with you what I know about resilience and grieving, and to show you how you can use art, music, and rituals to help ease you through one of life’s most significant transitions – the loss of a loved one – with all the dignity and grace it deserves.

These tools have helped me, and many of my clients, and I believe they can help you, too.