Death Cafés

Our society doesn’t make it easy for people to talk about death and that is what a Death Café does.  It makes time for us to talk and think about death in a safe, comfortable setting.  Each gathering inspires thought and action and helps make death a more common and ordinary topic of conversation.

It is a wonderful thing for people to come together to intentionally talk about what’s important in life and in death, and I want to help it happen on a regular basis and in a comfortable setting.  I host Death Café during which conversations are respectful, thoughtful and provocative.  The Carmel Death Cafes are part of a “global movement”; there are Cafes meeting regularly in 5,000 different cities across the world in 32 countries!

At each Death Café, groups of people, often strangers, will meet to discuss death, dying and related topics.  (For those who are in the depth of bereavement, you will be referred to more appropriate community resources.)  The Café experience is upbeat, compassionate, interesting, and wide ranging; topics discussed reflect the interests of the attendees.

The Death Cafes are…

Free but pre-registration is required (seating is limited).

Free from ideology – as facilitator, I will guide the discussion  while not leading people to any conclusions about death or the afterlife.  Participants will be asked to respect one another’s views.

Safe and nurturing –  I put considerable effort into making each Café a nurturing place with delicious desserts and beverages for people to enjoy while talking.  The atmosphere helps everyone relax and feel looked after so we can each open up, ask questions and share thoughts.

Accessible and Confidential– The Cafes are respectful of all people regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, faith, disability or ethnicity.  People’s views are kept confidential; what is discussed in the Café, stays there.

2019 Death Cafes will meet quarterly  on Sundays from 2:00 to 4:00 pm and the dates include:  March 24; June 9; Sept 15; and Dec 15, 2019.  The Cafes are held at the Heartland Unitarian Universalist Church located at 9870 North Michigan Road in Carmel, IN 46032. 

Free; but you must register by calling 317-730-5481.