Caregiver Workshops

Getting Your Life Back
A Mindful Approach to Your Caregiving Journey

A workshop that helps you learn the five critical steps of mindful caregiving

“When your days are filled with caregiving tasks and concerns, it’s not always easy to get your life back. But it’s possible—and essential…Be part of the present; live in it and enjoy it.”
—Alexis Abramson, Ph.D author

Caregiving is both a demanding and a rewarding human journey. As a caregiver you may spend years nobly caring for others while neglecting your own life. You are not alone. There are more than 40 million American adults struggling to provide caregiving for an aging friend or family member, usually a parent, without losing themselves in the process.

One of the challenges of caregiving is to balance it with other role responsibilities, such as holding a job, going to school, managing a personal life and a home. There are also other less visible pursuits in life such as achieving a sense of well being and knowing inner peace and contentment so that each day is fulfilling emotionally and spiritually. Exhausted, we may wonder,”How do I get my life back?”

Life is largely our own creation. Your guiding purpose is to build a life that is not only worth living now – one filled with purpose and intention that brings balance and inner peace – but a life you will want to return to when your caregiving days have ended. Focus on the time when you will look back on the caregiving chapters of your life: how do you want to feel? What do you want to take comfort in knowing that you did? What do you want to cherish in your memories? What were the life lessons you gained about yourself, about illness and aging, about hope, about the spiritual elements of your daily life?

This workshop is offered on a by request only basis for a minimum of 6 participants.  For more information, call Elaine at (317) 730 – 5481 or email her at