I am pleased to introduce you to my ninth book, which is also my first collaborative book, titled, Voices of the 21st Century: Bold, Brave, and Brilliant Women Who Make A Difference. The book contains personal essays from 50 different women whose collective voices celebrate a new era of women’s leadership and influence in the world.

Our book is dedicated to helping women become stronger and more confident about controlling their lives and claiming their rights to authentically express themselves, build a thriving livelihood, and contribute to the world while being part of something greater than themselves.

My chapter is titled “Your Life Can Light the Way” and it is a loving tribute to my Italian immigrant grandparents who profoundly influenced my core values to care for others with kindness and compassion, and shaped my work as a life coach, a writer, and a Life-Cycle Celebrant®. I believe we can all be an intentional light for others and our lives can be a shining beacon of encouragement and inspiration.

With shared passion, and a shared vision for the book’s long reach, our September book launch resulted in the book achieving Amazon’s “Best Seller” status in four categories: Biographies of Business Professionals; Entrepreneurship; Small Business and Entrepreneurship; and Women & Business.

How can you buy a signed copy of my book? It’s easy, just go to https://elainevoci.com/voices-of-the-21st-century/
Next to the image of the new book, click on the instruction: “To order, visit the sales page” and it will take you to the order form. Payments are made with PayPal, so you can feel confident in the process, and there’s no charge for shipping!

Please consider BOGO (Buy One, Gift One) Buy one for yourself, and also buy one for a woman you know who may be in need of inspiration and support; by giving her this thoughtful gift, you will be expressing your kindness and compassion, and she will be uplifted, encouraged and empowered.

Want to host a free book signing with me? Give me a call or send me an email and we’ll make plans. I can provide a short presentation on my chapter, or give a talk about writing, and tailor my remarks to the audience. Each book will be signed by me and priced with a discount. I’ll offer an opt-in sign-up sheet for those who wish to receive my free newsletter.

Want me to speak to your book club, your faith community, your organization, or a social service club in which you are a member (ie, Rotary, Kiwanis, Seroptimists, Lions Club)? Send me an email or give me a call and we’ll work out the details. Most social service clubs are looking for speakers to give 20 minute talks and I have designed my remarks to fit that expectation. I would like to sell book copies, if permitted, and will have a sign-up sheet for those who may wish to receive my free monthly newsletter.

Because my chapter is about my Italian immigrant grandparents, and because the book is for women, written by women, it feels like a “capstone” book in my writing career, meaning that this book is the culmination of my contributions as a writer and represents a significant milestone in my life’s work. I hope you’ll find the book inspiring, and useful to your own work, and to your personal life.